dra-rocio-trujillo-perfilDr. Rocio Trujillo specialized in Sao Paulo Brazil as a Plastic, Aesthetic and Maxillofacial Surgeon and obtained Her degree as Medical Surgeon at the Central University of Ecuador.

Shortly after beginning her studies in medicine Dr. Trujillo discovered her passion for surgery. After finishing her residency in general surgery she began her residency in Plastic Surgery at Charity Portuguesa Hospital in Sao-Paulo as well as a fellowship in maxillofacial surgery at the Integrated Group of Advanced Plastic Surgery Hospital Charitable Portuguesa in Sao Paulo Brazil where she was able to obtain excellent knowledge, skills and experience.

After completing her residency in Plastic Surgery Dr. Rocio Trujillo returned to Ecuador and settled in Quito to start her professional career convinced that the knowledge gained in years of study abroad would benefit and flourish in Ecuador’ capital.

Dr. Trujillo is fully trained, certified and has all the permitd permits required by law operate and care for patients requesting her services. Her various degrees are recognized by the Ministry of Health of Ecuador as well as the Senecyt.

In addition Dr. Trujillo is a member of the SECPRE. (Ecuadorian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) and the American College of Surgeons, all of which are institutions of high national and international prestige that guarantee excelent results for patients the undergo any procedure performed by Dr. Trujillo.

As part of her professional growth Dr. Trujillo belongs to Operation Smile Ecuador which annually performs surgeries on patients with cleft lip and palate. Dr. Trujillo is part of this organization and as a result goes on international missions to help the underprivileged. During these missions she both shares and learns new techniques and other medical knowledge around the world.

Since all doctor’s should be in constant readiness and up to date on new procedures and techniques Dr.Trujillo has followed and continues to take part in multiple courses, conferences, lectures, etc all of which are detailed in her CV (Click here to view).

When searching for a surgeon with vast and proper education, training and experience Dr. Trujillo is the perfect choice for all of your aesthetic, cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

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