Breast Reduction

• Placement of breast implants retromusculares

• Breast Reduction

• Breast lift or mastopexy

• Breast Reconstruction

• Reconstruction of areola and nipple

At present the woman has more freedom to expose his critical generating points of social, psychic and sexual imbalances and also to obtain access to the plastic surgeon who offers him a medical treatment that might change his sphere he becomes intimate and his social expansion across the improvement of his physical aspect.

The mode I demolish some barriers and the woman happened to use gowns increasingly rewatching, demanding a silhouette from him harmonica and free and the concientización of which the breasts are erogenous zones I increase the aesthetic exigency of the proportions adapted to his physical type and to the preferences of his sexual companion.

The clinical knowledge of the organ and of his treatment led to a major index of the knowledge of his pathologies.

The patients candidatas to mamoplastias reductoras present a variable degree of increase of the same ones and not always they are symmetrical, present multiple and variable symptoms as backaches, desconforto physically, bad position, deformity of the cervical region and psychological alterations as depression, frigidity, cancerofobia.

A complete clinical evaluation preopetoria is essential, since the duration of the surgical time can be long.

The mammary reduction has several technologies and he will be the surgeon who chooses most adapted for every case, which will depend on the size of the breast, on the degree of ptoses (caimiento) on the leather quantity and on some preexisting pathology. The sensibility, future lactation must be preserved and try to leave the minor possible scars that invariably they remain.

In the postoperatory one it is important to support the use of elastic bandage and support in a long time, as well as the accomplishment of drainages lymphatic and taken care to minimize the final scars.

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