What changes generated and what are the advantages of a calf implant ?

A calf implant is a surgical procedure that increases the volume of excessively thin legs, due to atrophy of the calf from disease, injury, accident or physical constitution.

This procedure simulates the natural development of the calf muscle in the legs by implanting soft silicone prosthesis .

Another advantage of this treatment is that it allows us to provide our patients with a proportionate calf length and volume improving the look and rear surface of the legs.

Calf implants performed ​​by our specialists produce very rewarding changes improving the appearance of the legs in women and men.

What results will NOT be obtained with Calf implants?

The calf implant is not  a procedure designed to remove excess fat and sagging skin. If this is your case please  visit our Dermolipectomy section.

Calf implants don’t  stimulate muscle development in this part of the leg.

It is a technique aimed at correcting the problems of varicose blood vessels in the lower extremities .

When the patient is able to return to their daily activities ? 

Stiches will be removed a week after surgery,  from that point forward  you can return to normal activities, However, the patient should avoid extreme physical movements and activities for one month following the procedure to avoid displacement of the implants.

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