At present, the carboxiterapia is one of the best therapies to attack the cellulite, the excess of fat in the body, the flacidez and the corporal and facial aging.

It is a not surgical method which consists of the therapeutic use of the gas carbon dioxide (CO2) for subcutaneous route.

The origin of this therapy is on the station of Royat’s thermal waters, in France, specifically in the decade of the 50, when a group of cardiologists, applied the therapy to patients who were suffering different diseases related to the bad blood stream and the accumulation of fats.

The form in which the carboxiterapia is realized is across a specially prepared equipment which allows to regulate the speed of the flow, time of injection and to monitor the percentage of administered dose.
The CO2 acts in the affected zone and is eliminated very rapidly

How is it supplied?
The CO2 infiltrates for subcutaneous route with a sterilized needle similar to the one that is used to apply insulin connected to a very thin hose, which in turn gets a job itself in an equipment specially prepared for this end.

The device allows to regulate the speed of the flow of CO2 (content in a tank of oxygen), time of injection and to monitor the percentage of administered dose.

The corboxiterapia represents neither systemic toxicity nor side effects, except a light and fleeting pain in the zone of application.

The ideal thing is two are able to effect to three meetings per week in a total from 18 to 20 corporal meetings, with a duration of 30 minutes for session.

Since it acts?
On having penetrated co2 in the shape of gas it produces a hyperexpansion of the subcutaneous fabric liberating bradiquina, serotonine, histamine and catecolaminas that stimulate to the recipients thread – adrenergicos producing Lipólisis (destruction of the oily cells)

From the site of the injection the CO2 it spreads easily towards the adjacent fabrics, exercising his function. His introduction under the skin is completed by a movement of manual massage that helps to distribute the carbonic anhydride and to make it circulate. The CO2, on having entered in touch with the fat spreads and, departs from him, goes to the red blood cells: on having put in touch with the hemoglobin, it yields the oxygen to the fabrics.

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