The ears are structures of complex and variable surfaces that children can present abnormalities, since be very separated from the head what is known as ears of range, which give to the patient a fool’s aspect, which does not correspond with the normality .Los with these problems are ridiculed, called of dumbo, etc. These deformities can give origin to complexes that later maybe interfere in the psychological profile of the persons.

It is considered normal that the ear this one to less of 2cm of distance of the head. This deformity is congenital, without an explanation etiológica credible. But there exists a hereditary demonstrated factor. The growth of the ears reaches 85 % in the first decade of life, already 3 years after age the ear measures 5cm, being that the ear of the adult measures for the 6 to 7cm.

In the last three decades of life they return to grow. The surgery has an ideal period that is between the 5 a7 years of age, that is to say before entering to the school and also because already it would have reached almost the totality of his size.

Several surgical procedures exist for the correction of this deformity, the choice of the technology will depend with that better result provides the surgeon to him and with the degree of deformity. The patient has to use a special strip for one month.

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