The region orbitaria in spite of being small is submitted to big surgical risks during the surgeries, since they are the nervous injuries, bruise, aesthetic alterations.

The careful examinación shows us that in the surface of the eyelids, the contrast of the saliencias and depressions can be extremely marked, altering this way the aesthetics of visible form. The surgery tries to obtain flat surfaces, in where and when they should exist.

This concept of beauty is a useful parameter that uses as base to plan the blefaroplastia (cosmetic surgery of eyelids). The flacidez of the eyelids has beginning with the formation of small wrinkles, almost imperceptible, which were accentuated by the aging, managing to form cutaneous folds.

The exhibition prolonged to the solar light produces contractions and exagerate relaxations of the musculature of the eyelids what forms the lateral wrinkles known as ” legs of hen “.

In the top eyelids the leather excess can manage to cover or ultraspend the ciliary edge, reducing the field of vision.

The incisions are located in places that produce almost imperceptible scars, later that has spent the inflammatory process, that is to say more or less 6 months. Depending on the degree of flacidez, on the quantity of saliencias and depressions that are produced by the leather excess, by the degree of displacement of the bags of fat of his normal site, one will proceed to withdraw the necessary quantity of skin and of the bags of fat. The complications mas common of a blefaroplastia are escleroshow, ectropión, bruises, recidivas immediate of the wrinkles, asymmetries palpebrales, persistent edemas, exagerate projection of the grafts of fat, depressions.

To avoid all that the patient debit to be submitted to an exhaustive and detailed examination of his pathology, and details to be orientated in the minimal mas of which it will be the result of the surgery and to try to satisfy the expectations of the patient.

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