Through the surgery is to reconstruct the deformities and functional deficiencies corrected through transformation of the human body.

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Cheek Implants
  • Reduction of jaw
  • Reduction in chin
  • Lifting of eyebrows
  • Lifting upper lip
  • Reduction of the Adam’s apple


Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is a series of surgical procedures aimed at rebuilding a male face to look feminine. Facial Feminization Surgery encompasses both bone and soft tissue procedures.


The nose of a man is usually higher than that of women. The back is lowered and the nasal tip is lifted, the holes are closed, leaving it more delicate and beautiful.


These procedures are performed in most cases during the same procedure. Usually, if the angles of the jaw are very pronounced the chin is too wide. The male chin is generally more prominent than the female.

The approach is done through intraoral incisions so there are no visible scars.

Excess bone at the mandibular angles is remodeled by milling. In this way we reduce the feeling of excess volume of the masseter muscle.


Cheekbones are more prominent in women than in men, this makes a woman’s face more heart-shaped, while the man has a more square shape. We can perform  a zygotic osteotomy (cutting the bone). Most of the augmentations are done with cheek implants, there are several different types available.


If the chin is not too pronounced, with milling the edges the procedure is completed, However if instead the chin is too wide and / or steep a reduction is required. The chin is cut from the back to the front by separating both sides of the bone. A second cut parallel to the first few millimeters can remove part of the bone, resulting in a reduced  prominence in the chin.

The chin can also be move forward or backward if necessary. The bony parts will be joined together by mini titanium plates and screws which under normal conditions don’t need to be removed.


Remodeled contour eyebrows and scalp advancement.

The distance between the eyebrows and hairline in women is, on average, about 5cm. While this distance for men is 7 cm. Therefore, we recommend that our patients combine the three operations, including hairline advancement. The combination of these surgical techniques significantly enhance the feminine features of the patient.

The combination of two treatments, contour and brow lift give the appearance of excess skin on the forehead, to eliminate this redundant skin easily, an incision is made at the height of the hairline and the excess skin is removed.

The incision is made at hair line in an irregular manner to avoid linear scaring.


Hairline advancement surgery is done on the galea ( fibrous sheet that holds the muscles in the forehead and back of the skull ) so that the scalp is detached to the rear head and then brought forward as necessary .

As a general rule this can be performed without  a problem overtaking 1.5 cm to 2 cm . If necessary futhur advancement intervention could be repeated after two weeks to achieve the desired effect .

Another possibility is the volumetric expansion or extension of skin before practicing the advancement of the hairline .


The upper lip in women is smaller than in man, the labial mucosa is more voluptuous, the only way to achieve a visual change in labial mucosa is making an incision along the vermilion line ( the line is between the red and white of the lip) and remove a small piece of skin, this is an extremely delicate task because an excess amount of skin can be easily removed  leaving an  un-desired effect of lip asymmetry but in the hands of a skilled surgeon , the results are very good.

The lip lift procedure removes some skin in the form of wedge right under the nose and the edges are brought together and closed . Thus showing more lip up the inside.

The labial mucosa is concentrated in the inner part , achieving an increased lifting effect and lip, this procedure obviously shortens the lip and for this reason can only be done in people who have sufficient thickness of the lip.


This fat can be obtained by liposuction from anywhere on the body where there is sufficient accumulation of fat and is then used to inject the lips .  The fat is usually extracted  from the thighs , abdomen or neck ( dewlap) .

End results can be seen after 4 month, re-touches can be made 6-8 months after the first procedure.


In the process of feminization most times it is necessary to reduce the Adam’s apple, during this procedure great caution is needed because the vocal cords are located just behind the cartilage. A small cut could be a problem leading to dysphonia .

An incision is made under the chin of about 2 cm if possible it is done on a cervical skin fold to obtain as much of an aesthetic scar as possible. The thyroid cartilage incision is achieved through a subcutaneous tunnel. With the aid of a diamond cutter the prominence is reduced and the upper edge is cut . The muscles around the cartilage are united to cover the rest of prominence.

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