Fat transfer



• Increased fat injection

• Placement of silicone implants

• Buttock Liposculpture

It is the placement of fat in the quadrant I overcome day pupil and part of overcome boarder of the buttocks. The fat is inhaled of the same patient, of the areas where there is an increase of the same one, can be inhaled of the high and low back, of the abdomen, of the flanks, of the thighs, of the calves, of the arms, later submitted to a procedure of decantation and preparation to be grafted.

It is necessary to take preventive measurements of strict asepsis to avoid infection and oily necrosis and careful measures to avoid a great reabsorption that is normal that it happens in 40 % of the injertos of fat, same with these elegant all the grafts of fat can suffer infection and lost by reabsorption. These are cases with grafts of they change from 250 to 400 ml of fat with the postoperatory one from 6 months to 1 year.

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