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It is I accumulate of mammary fat in the man. Nowadays it is defined so much as an increase of the glandular fabric as of the mammary fat in the man. The ginecomastia happens in 8 of every 100000, and is responsible for the mammary benign pathologies of the man, who produces psychological disorders for the aparecimiento of the feminine silhouette, in an emotionally critical period and can be accompanied of local pain and flacidez.

In the puberty and adolescence the ginecomastia owes to herself still imbalance of the pituitary hormones, adrenales and testiculares. Also there is a sinnúmero of medicines that can produce ginecomastia. In the process of aging there is a warehouse of fat in the breasts causing ginecomastia. The great majority of ginecomastia disappears spontaneously up to 21 anuses.

In the physical examination a deformity is obvious I joined or bilateral, the same one that can be for the exclusive increase of fat (pseudoginecomastia) and / or increase of the mammary gland (ginecomastia). Between the necessary examinations of laboratory to confirm the presence of fat or of the combination of fat and mammary gland they are: echo, termografía and mamografía, that were helping to reject neoplasia in case there is a physical suggestive examination of this. The treatment must be directed wing etiology of each one of the ginecomastias, but it is known that the clinical therapeutics is discouraging for a great number of these patients, who need a surgical inevitable treatment.

Depending on the degree of the ginecomastia, on the quantity of the excess of fat, on gland and on the leather excess one will proceed for one or another surgical technology.

In the cases of a small or moderate increase of fat, without leather excess one proceeds to do a liposuction in case of increase of mammary gland and of leather excess one proceeds to a leather resection for route periareolar and of glandular fabric, in the cases of a severe ginecomastia the incisions will be major. The glandular fabric is sent an anato-pathological study to reject neoplasias.

In the operative pos the patient must use a compressive strip for the period of one month. For the minor cases the results are satisfactory and with small scars, in the severe cases the major scars are inevitable.

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