Thanks to his aptitude to retain the water in a percentage equivalent to thousands of times his weight, it develops an effective action: it re-constitutes the fibers that support the fabrics of the skin.

It is absolutely pure, sterile. Therefore without risks of transmitting diseases or of causing allergies. His compound molecule of azúcares, it is biocompatible.

It fulfills a moisturizing function, stimulates the peripheral traffic, revitalizes the cellular cycle and returns to the face light and smoothness. It is a treatment that “does not “throw” since makes it a lifting, but it is very effective to smooth the wrinkles. It is used also to improve the results of the lifting.

It is possible to consider to be an alternative for the hydration of the skin.

The effect of the HIALURONICO, it has a limited duration.

Another advantage of the acid HIALURONICO is that is gradually absorbed by the organism, and does not create the unaesthetic effect demolish. Then, in the measure that diminishes, the one who notices the appearance of the wrinkles can surrender to a retouch.

In general the acid HIALURONICO is applied in the vertical wrinkles of the forehead, on the nose, about the eyes, lips.

It is a question of a natural polisacárido and one or of the acids mucopolisacáridos that they are in the fundamental substance between the cells of the skin.

The entrecruzamiento of the chain of acid HIALURONICO fills the spaces interfibrales with the collagenous gel provoking the water retention, as if it was a question of a molecular sponge.

The acid Hialurónico does not exercise pharmacological activity.


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