The lipoabdominoplasty is a technology described in 1999 by The Dr. Saldaña (Brazil), some of my teachers in Brazil and published in 2001 in the American magazine of plastic surgery. The lipoabdominoploastia is a new technology that associates liposuction of the totality of the abdomen with the classic dermolipectomia with the benefits of a liposuction and without the risks that before they believed.

Many surgeons have used small incisions and associate liposuctions only of the flanks to avoid bruises, seromas and necroses that are the most common complications in the classic dermolipectomia.

Many surgeons described variations of technologies with small and big descolamientos, all with the purpose of having a better result and fewer complications. Saldaña I publish his technology of associating the liposuction with the classic dermolipectomia with descolamiento only in the medial hanging tatter, respecting the perforantes, which avoids or diminishes the risks of a classic dermolipectomia.

With this technology we can correct the cutaneous flacidez, the excess of fat and the diastasis of the straight abdominal muscle. There begins the liposuction of the top abdomen and of the flanks, in the low abdomen toga inhales the fat of the superficial litter and part of the fat the deep litter, we do lipectomia of the fat infraumbilical to be able to fulfil the plicatura of the aponeurosis of the rectum.

The liposuction can be realized without increasing the risk of complications.

The selective descolamiento preserves the glasses perforantes without the risk of necrosis of the hanging tatter, lowers the morbidity, gives a better abdominal contour, preserves the sensibility suprapubica and diminishes the recovery. It is sutured by planes, always leaving the final scar at the edge of the public down this way to make her less visible.

Always they remain two drainages for 3 a5 days, to avoid seromas or bruises. The postoperatory one always the use of antibiotics and antinflamatorios is an agent chief executive for one week, as well as the lymphatic drainage and the use of a special strip that I recommend his use for one month.

At present there are several mechanisms to leave a scar of better quality, the surgeon will be able to orientate his patient to choose the best option. The exercises are recommended after the first month of the surgery.

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