As the twentieth century, women begin to analyze their body images and to combat the excesses of fat resistant to diet, exercise, massage, compresses, mesotherapy, etc.. Liposculpture is not a method of thinning, but remodeling of excess localized fat, so it is contraindicated in obese patients.

The results can be seen at four months of completion of the operation. Patients with indication for liposuction are those with a good quality of skin to retract, and a moderate excess fat. The areas to be vacuumed are: chin, arms, back, abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, calves, ankles, breast liposuction is not recommended because microcalcifications could stop interfering with the outcome of mammography.

Patients who need suctioning of fat is best accomplished by various surgical procedures, with an interval of six months, that can reduce surgical trauma and provide better accommodation to the tissues. Should be examined skin condition, the presence of depressions, waves, sagging and fat thickness. The conditions of the tissues are more important than chronological age of the patient. Depending on the areas and the amount of fat to be aspirated is necessary to choose the type of anesthesia, the use or absence of blood transfusion and the use of antibiotics and analgesics.

Small incisions of 0.5 cm. folds are made in areas that are easily camouflaged. Liposuction is performed prior to the areas marked infiltration of xylocaine with adrenaline to decrease intraoperative bleeding. Finished the surgery immediately place a compression molding strip at least a month. Patients are discharged the next day of the operation with the respective medication. Like all liposuction surgery can have complications, such as rippling, asymmetries, depressions that require additional liposuction.

Serious complications such as intestinal perforation, bladder trauma, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, ruptured saphenous vein with formation of hematoma and infection are very rare occurrence. Despite the apparent simplicity of liposuction, this should only be done by plastic surgeon, who has knowledge of the indications, limitations of the basic principles and risks.

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