cirugía mandibula



It is another surgery to improve the aesthetics of the face, as the surgeries of the MAXILLARY ONE. These surgeries for the mobilization of the maxillary one or of the jaw, were used with great caution and only to treat big deformities of this region.

Three factors contributed to return this more frequent surgery; first the major intimacy of the Plastic Surgeon with the fractures of face; secondly the major information of the patients with these deformities that need to have a better appearance to compete in the modern company; and thirdly and like consequence of this, the emergence of new procedures that offer more safety and better results.

There is frequent the combination of an aesthetic deformity of the face and the undertaking of the function, which increases the search for the correction of the functional fault.

Nowadays, it is controlled on the facial bones, without there being functional alterations, trying to improve the harmony of the face. The aesthetic alterations of the face, they present an imbalance between the bony skeleton and the soft parts, produced by the modifications of the spatial form of the cranium and of the face.

The surgeries or AESTHETIC OSTEOTOMIAS of the face, are surgeries realized in the bony skeleton to modify and to improve the balance between the bony structures and soft parts.

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