Many patients who request a  consult for Rhinoplasty have any functional component or issue to resolve. In these cases, the intervention is performed to improve the aesthetics and nasal function.The idea is to look at the nose always from two perspectives, looking beautiful, and  to allow proper breathing.

What are the objectives of an aesthetic Rhinoplasty?

The objectives of Rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes are as follows:

Harmonize the nose based on the face of the patient producing aesthetic results  without obvious surgical marks, hence giving the patient a natural appearance and results.

We also look for the patient to be able to breath properly before and after surgery (proper nasal function and care)

We look to meet the aesthetic desires of the patient as close to technically and surgically possible.

As recognized all over the world, aesthetic nose surgery is one of the more complex interventions. For example, when we “file ” the hump of the nasal dorsum, we seek for it not to fall so exaggerated, but straight, with a harmonious dorso-tip  relationship. When we treat a Wattled tip we seek for it not to collapse  or appear clamped. Surgical procedures have a 2 hour average. This time, only a very short fraction is needed to remove or shrink the nose, this part is fast, however If we only do this part the nose will look artificial, with surgical signs and obvious defects.

On the other hand, we use quite some time to naturalize the nose. i.e. to prevent surgical stigmas.


The most common defects encountered are the following:

  • Overresected dorsum
  • Unwanted nasal feminization in male patients
  • Rocker deformity
  • Asymmetrical Nasal Osteotomies
  • Narrowing middle third of the nose
  • Dorsal irregularities
  • Assymetric Nasal Tip
  • Nasal Valve Collapse /Nasal Valve Synachae
  • Alar retraction /valve insufiiciency
  • Hanging Columella
  • Assymetric nostrils
  • Over-rotation of the tip (surgical look)

What can be achieved with a nose surgery?

Rhinoplasty can change:

  • The size of the nose, in relation to the other facial structures.
  • The width of the nose, at the height of the nasal septum.
  • The profile of the nose, when Gibbs or depressions of the septum height.
  • The tip of the nose that is too large or bulbous, fall or very cheeky.
  • The nostrils when too large, wide or pointy.
  • The asymmetry and nasal deviation

Is Rhinoplasty right for me?

Nose surgery or Rhinoplasty is a highly personal decision. Never go through it to fulfill the wishes of another person or to try to conform to an ideal image.

Nose surgery is a good option for you if:

Facial development has already been completed and you have at least 13 years of age.

If you are in good physical health.

You  stop smoking.

You have in mind specific but realistic goals to improve your appearance.

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