The laser tattoo removal usually requires a series of visits, and each procedure takes a few minutes. No anesthesia is always used. What happens is the laser sends short pulses of light through the top layers of your skin with laser energy aimed at specific pigments in the tattoo. These pigments are then removed by your immune system.
Removing a tattoo by laser can be uncomfortable and feel can be very similar to getting a tattoo. The entire process can take several weeks.

Like when you get a tattoo, you should take care of the affected area after removing a tattoo. You must keep the area clean, but you must not rub. Also you can get red for a few days and can form a crust. Do not rub or scratch the area or take off the crust. Let it heal alone.

The laser tattoo removal is usually effective, but there may be some drawbacks. Side effects may include hyperpigmentation, which makes the area where the tattoo had become darker than the rest of your skin, or hypopigmentation, which causes the area where the tattoo had become clearer than the rest of your skin. The area can also become infected or scars.

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