The Aesthetic Procedures Promote Physical, Mental And Corporal Well-being Helping To control The Aging Of The Musculature, Improving The Elasticity And The Vaginal Appearance

Vaginal Labioplastia reductora To diminish the size of the minor lips that must be covered by the major ones, to equalize his length.

Vaginal Labioplastia of increase The major lips can recover the juvenile appearance for injections of fat or of products of landfill as the AC Hialuronico

Perioneplastia Is the reinforcement of the musculature that this one located between the genitalia and of the anus, which tone, elasticity have lost and they feign aging. The surgery improves the appearance, and the control of the vagina, producing internal and external tightening.

Liposuction vulvular Is the retreat of fat of the mount of Venus and of the top part of the lips

Himenoplastia Is the repair of the hymen.

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